This picture shows a small shed that my father and brother built on our property in 1965. I spent five blissful years as a young boy on a small island called Block Island off the coast of RI. From age 5-10, I was given a great gift: to explore the natural world unfettered by too many rules. My parents gave me the freedom (to a degree) to get wet, muddy, stung, bitten, scatched, scraped, and sunburned while I explored the great swamp below our house, or walked through the secret paths out back to find the old settler trash middens and look for old glass bottles. I stumbled on nests of baby pheasents, pools with jewel-like masses of frog eggs, and beaches with water-worn and rounded rocks of every hue and variation.

These early experiences shaped me. I have gravitated towards jobs or responsibilities that allow me to spend time near or on the water, or at least outdoors - exploring the relationships between things in nature. That said, I have had many different types of work experiences in my life that have shaped me, including: Sailing on a schooner, selling mother's day flowers, delivering phone books, retail sales at a camping and outdoor store, teaching environmental education in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, building boats in Seattle, teaching middle and high school science and building houses in Arizona. I finally settled into this career after 40 years of trying other things on.

I am happily married to another science teacher who is happily installed up the hill at a little bigger institution. We have a dog (Albert) and a cat (Cricket).

I currently teach a variety of courses in Education, as well as work with the Wild Basin Creative Research Center on projects related to sustainability.

Position: Associate Professor of Secondary Education

Courses Taught: EDUC 2332, EDUC 2339, EDUC 3333, EDUC 4334, EDUC 4649, EDUC 4655, EDUC 4652, SCIE 2320

Grants: NSF Noyce Phase I   2008-2014   $885,000   STEM teacher scholarships and support
            3M Project Sustain   2012-2013    $20,000   Sustainability Curriculum for Wild Basin
            Powell Foundation   2013-2014    $15,000   Texas STEM Teacher Circle Induction program
            Austin Comm. Fnd   2013-2014      $4500    Sustainability Curriculum for Wild Basin

Interests: I love to run, swim, take photos, kayak fish, build stuff, and spend time with my family.